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Dental Health Resources

On our dental blog, our dentists and dental team provide information, tips and resources that may be helpful to our Richmond Hill patients and their oral health.

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Brushing vs Flossing: Which Comes First

Today, our Richmond Hill dentists talk about brushing and flossing to help improve your oral hygiene routine.

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Dental Appliances Can Help You With Sleep Apnea

Today, our Richmond Hill dentists explain how dental appliances can help deal with sleep apnea.

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10 Oral Hygiene Tips

Here, our Richmond Hill dentists provide some tips to help you have a good oral hygiene routine.

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How to Know if You are Having a Dental Emergency

Our Richmond Hill dentists discuss what constitutes a dental emergency and what you should do.

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Types of Dental Cleanings

Today, our Richmond Hill dentists explain how each sort of dental cleaning procedure is performed.

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Why Does My Tooth Hurt? 5 Possible Answers

If tooth or gum pain is plaguing you, contact your dentist immediately to schedule an appointment. In this post, our Richmond Hill dentists explain some possible reasons for your pain and what you can do until you get to the dentist.

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How does dental hygiene affect your overall health?

Good oral hygiene helps you keep your mouth healthy, preventing dental decay and gum disease. Here, our Richmond Hill dentists explain how a healthy mouth can contribute to better overall health and wellbeing as well.

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How Can I Prevent Periodontitis?

Periodontal disease can negatively affect not only our oral health, but our overall physical health. Today, our Richmond Hill dentists define periodontitis and offer tips on what you can to help fight and avoid it.

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Bleeding Gums When Brushing: Should I Be Worried?

Bleeding gums can be a sign of dental health complications, many of which are quite severe and require immediate attention. Here, the Richmond Hill dentists from Arenson Dental & Associates explain how to prevent and treat bleeding gums, and provide guidance on when there is cause for more serious concern.

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What Jaw Pain Means: What Causes It and How to Treat It

Jaw pain can indicate a dental issue such as a toothache, TMJ Disorder, or perhaps a more serious condition. In this post, our Richmond Hill dentists explain possible causes of jaw pain and what to do with those sore joints.

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